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2SJ471 All MOSFET Data Sheet. Parameters and Characteristics. MOSFET Cross Reference Database.

2SJ471 MOSFET transistor datasheet. Parameters and characteristics.

Type Designator: 2SJ471

Type of 2SJ471 transistor: MOSFET

Type of control channel: P -Channel

Maximum power dissipation (Pd), W: 30

Maximum drain-source voltage |Uds|, V: 30

Maximum gate-source voltage |Ugs|, V: 20

Maximum drain current |Id|, A: 30

Maximum junction temperature (Tj), Β°C: 150

Rise Time of 2SJ471 transistor (tr), nS:

Drain-source Capacitance (Cd), pF: 1700

Maximum drain-source on-state resistance (Rds), Ohm: 0.04

Package: TO220CFM

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2SJ471 PDF doc:

1.1. 2sj471.pdf Size:48K _hitachi

2SJ471 Silicon P Channel DV–L MOS FET High Speed Power Switching ADE-208-540 1st. Edition Features • Low on-resistance RDS(on) = 25 m? typ. • 4V gate drive devices. • High speed switching Outline TO–220CFM D G 1 2 3 1. Gate 2. Drain S 3. Source 2SJ471 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) Item Symbol Ratings Unit Drain to source voltage VDSS –30 V Gate to source voltage VGSS ± 20 V Drain current ID –30 A Drain peak current ID(pulse)Note1 –120 A Body to drain diode reverse drain current IDR –30 A Channel dissipation Pch Note2 30 W Channel temperature Tch 150 ° C Storage temperature Tstg –55 to +150 ° C Notes: 1. PW ? 10΅ s, duty cycle ? 1 % 2. Value at Tc = 25° C 2 2SJ471 Electrical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C) Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Test Conditions Drain to source breakdown V(BR)DSS –30 — — V ID = –10mA, VGS = 0 voltage Gate to source breakdown V(BR)GSS ± 20 — — V IG = ± 100΅ A, VDS = 0 voltage Zero gate voltege drain IDSS — — –10 ΅ A VDS

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To our customers, Old Company Name in Catalogs and Other Documents On April 1st, 2010, NEC Electronics Corporation merged with Renesas Technology Corporation, and Renesas Electronics Corporation took over all the business of both companies. Therefore, although the old company name remains in this document, it is a valid Renesas Electronics document. We appreciate your understanding. Renesas Electronics website: April 1st, 2010 Renesas Electronics Corporation Issued by: Renesas Electronics Corporation ( Send any inquiries to Notice 1. All information included in this document is current as of the date this document is issued. Such information, however, is subject to change without any prior notice. Before purchasing or using any Renesas Electronics products listed herein, please confirm the latest product information with a Renesas Electronics sales office. Also, please pay regular

5.2. 2sj479.pdf Size:92K _renesas

2SJ479(L), 2SJ479(S) Silicon P Channel MOS FET REJ03G0866-0300 Rev.3.00 Jun 05, 2006 Description High speed power switching Features • Low on-resistance RDS (on) = 25 m? typ. • 4 V gate drive devices. • High speed switching Outline RENESAS Package code: PRSS0004AE-A RENESAS Package code: PRSS0004AE-B (Package name: LDPAK (L) ) (Package name: LDPAK (S)-(1) ) D 4 4 1. Gate 2. Drain G 3. Source 4. Drain 1 2 3 1 2 3 S Rev.3.00 Jun 05, 2006 page 1 of 7 2SJ479(L), 2SJ479(S) Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) Item Symbol Value Unit Drain to source voltage VDSS –30 V Gate to source voltage VGSS ±20 V Drain current ID –30 A Drain peak current ID (pulse) Note 1 –120 A Body to drain diode reverse drain current IDR –30 A Channel dissipation Pch Note 2 50 W Channel temperature Tch 150 °C Storage temperature Tstg –55 to +150 °C Notes: 1. PW ? 10 ΅s, duty cycle ? 1% 2. Value at Tc = 25°C Electrical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C) I

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