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Type Designator: 2N728

Material of transistor: Si

Polarity: NPN

Maximum collector power dissipation (Pc), W: 0.3

Maximum collector-base voltage |Ucb|, V: 15

Maximum collector-emitter voltage |Uce|, V: 15

Maximum emitter-base voltage |Ueb|, V: 3

Maximum collector current |Ic max|, A: 0.1

Maksimalna temperatura (Tj), °C: 175

Transition frequency (ft), MHz: 70

Collector capacitance (Cc), pF: 16

Forward current transfer ratio (hFE), min: 20

Noise Figure, dB: -

Package of 2N728 transistor: TO18

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2N728 PDF:

1.1. 2n7288d-r-h.pdf Size:46K _harris_semi


2N7288D, 2N7288R S E M I C O N D U C T O R 2N7288H REGISTRATION PENDING Radiation Hardened Available as FRS244 (D, R, H) N-Channel Power MOSFETs November 1994 Features Package 9A, 250V, RDS(on) = 0.415? TO-257AA Second Generation Rad Hard MOSFET Results From New Design Concepts Gamma - Meets Pre-Rad Specifications to 100KRAD(Si) - Defined End Point Specs at 300KRAD(Si) and 1000K

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