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Type Designator: BR618

Material of Transistor: Si

Polarity: NPN

Maximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 40 W

Maximum Collector-Base Voltage |Vcb|: 250 V

Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|: 200 V

Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage |Veb|: 10 V

Maximum Collector Current |Ic max|: 4 A

Max. Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): 150 °C

Transition Frequency (ft): 8 MHz

Forward Current Transfer Ratio (hFE), MIN: 5000

Noise Figure, dB: -

Package: TO220

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BR618 Datasheet (PDF)

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BR618(3DA618) 硅 NPN 三极管/SILICON NPN TRANSISTOR 用途:用于电机驱动电路。 Purpose: Motor drive applications, 特点: 基极-发射极间内置电阻,高电压。 Features: Built-in resistor at B-E,high voltage. 极限参数/Absolute maximum ratings(Ta=25℃) 参数符号 数值 单位 Symbol Rating Unit V 250 V CBO V 200 V CEO V 10 V EBO I 4.0 A C

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