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Type Designator: MMUN2233LT1

Material of Transistor: Si

Polarity: Pre-Biased-NPN

Built in Bias Resistor R1 = 4.7 kOhm

Built in Bias Resistor R2 = 47 kOhm

Typical Resistor Ratio R1/R2 = 0.1

Maximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 0.2 W

Maximum Collector-Base Voltage |Vcb|: 50 V

Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|: 50 V

Maximum Collector Current |Ic max|: 0.1 A

Max. Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): 150 °C

Forward Current Transfer Ratio (hFE), MIN: 80

Noise Figure, dB: -

Package: SOT-23

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MMUN2233LT1 Datasheet (PDF)

1.1. mmun2211lt1 mmun2212lt1 mmun2213lt1 mmun2214lt1 mmun2215lt1 mmun2216lt1 mmun2230lt1 mmun2231lt1 mmun2232lt1 mmun2233lt1 mmun2234lt1.pdf Size:242K _upd


Lead Free RoHS Compliant  MEI

1.2. mmun2211lt1g mmun2211lt3g mmun2212lt1g mmun2213lt1g mmun2214lt1g mmun2215lt1g mmun2216lt1g mmun2230lt1g mmun2231lt1g mmun2232lt1g mmun2233lt1g mmun2234lt1g.pdf Size:215K _upd


MMUN2211LT1G Series, SMMUN2211LT1G Series, NSVMMUN2232LT1G Bias Resistor Transistor NPN Silicon Surface Mount Transistor with Monolithic Bias Resistor Network This new series of digital transistors is designed to replace a single PIN 3 device and its external resistor bias network. The BRT (Bias Resistor COLLECTOR R1 (OUTPUT) Transistor) contains a single transistor

 1.3. nsvmmun2233lt3g.pdf Size:115K _onsemi


MUN2233, MMUN2233L, MUN5233, DTC143ZE, DTC143ZM3, NSBC143ZF3 Digital Transistors (BRT) R1 = 4.7 kW, R2 = 47 kW NPN Transistors with Monolithic Bias PIN CONNECTIONS Resistor Network PIN 3 COLLECTOR This series of digital transistors is designed to replace a single (OUTPUT) PIN 1 device and its external resistor bias network. The Bias Resistor R1 BASE Transistor (BR

Datasheet: MMUN2217LT1G , MMUN2230L , MMUN2230LT1 , MMUN2230LT1G , MMUN2231LT1 , MMUN2231LT1G , MMUN2232LT1 , MMUN2232LT1G , B772 , MMUN2233LT1G , MMUN2234LT1 , MMUN2234LT1G , MMUN2235L , MMUN2236L , MMUN2236LT1G , MMUN2237L , MMUN2237LT1G .

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