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MOSFET. Manual. Hoja de especificaciones. Datasheet

J113 MOSFET. Datasheet. Equivalente. Reemplazo. Hoja de especificaciones. Principales características

Número de Parte: J113

Tipo de FET: JFET

Polaridad de transistor: N


Disipación total del dispositivo (Pd): 0.4

Tensión drenaje-fuente (Uds): 35

Tensión compuerta-fuente (Ugs):

Corriente continua de drenaje (Id): 0.05

Temperatura operativa máxima (Tj), °C: 150


Tiempo de elevación (tr):

Conductancia de drenaje-sustrato (Cd), pF: 3

Resistencia drenaje-fuente RDS (on), Ohm: 30

Empaquetado / Estuche: TO92

Búsqueda de reemplazo de MOSFET J113

J113 PDF doc:

1.1. j111_j112_j113_cnv.pdf Size:31K _philips

DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS DATA SHEET J111; J112; J113 N-channel silicon field-effect transistors July 1993 Product specification File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC07 Philips Semiconductors Product specification N-channel silicon field-effect transistors J111; J112; J113 DESCRIPTION Symmetrical silicon n-channel junction FETs in plastic TO-92 envelopes. They are intended for applications such as analog switches, choppers, commutators etc. FEATURES 1 handbook, halfpage 2 3 d High speed switching g s Interchangeability of drain and MAM042 source connections Low RDS on at zero gate voltage PINNING 1 = gate Fig.1 Simplified outline and symbol, TO-92. 2 = source 3 = drain Note: Drain and source are interchangeable. QUICK REFERENCE DATA J111 J112 J113 Drain-source voltage VDS max. 40 40 40 V Drain current VDS = 15 V; VGS =0 IDSS min. 20 5 2 mA Total power dissipation up to Tamb =50 CPtot max. 400 400 400 mW Gate-source cut-off voltage min.

1.2. pmbfj111_pmbfj112_pmbfj113_cnv_2.pdf Size:32K _philips2

DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS DATA SHEET PMBFJ111; PMBFJ112; PMBFJ113 N-channel junction FETs April 1995 Product specification File under Discrete Semiconductors, SC07 Philips Semiconductors Product specification PMBFJ111; N-channel junction FETs PMBFJ112; PMBFJ113 FEATURES High-speed switching Interchangeability of drain and source connections 3 handbook, halfpage Low RDSon at zero gate voltage d ( < 30 ? for PMBFJ111). g s DESCRIPTION 12 Symmetrical N-channel junction Top view MAM385 FETs in a surface mount SOT23 envelope. Intended for use in applications such as analog switches, choppers, commutators, multiplexers Fig.1 Simplified outline and symbol. and thin and thick film hybrids. PINNING - SOT23 LIMITING VALUES PIN DESCRIPTION In accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System (IEC 134). 1 drain SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN. MAX. UNIT 2 source VDS drain-source voltage - 40 V 3 gate VGSO gate-source voltage - -40 V Note VGDO drain

1.3. pmbfj111_pmbfj112_pmbfj113.pdf Size:47K _philips2

PMBFJ111; PMBFJ112; PMBFJ113 N-channel junction FETs Rev. 03 4 August 2004 Product data sheet 1. Product profile 1.1 General description Symmetrical N-channel junction FETs in a SOT23 package. 1.2 Features High-speed switching Interchangeability of drain and source connections Low RDSon at zero gate voltage (< 30 ? for PMBFJ111). 1.3 Applications Analog switches Choppers Commutators Multiplexers Thin and thick film hybrids. 2. Pinning information Table 1: Pinning [1] Pin Description Simplified outline Symbol 1 drain 3 2 source 3 gate 1 3 2 sym053 12 SOT23 [1] Drain and source are interchangeable. PMBFJ111; PMBFJ112; PMBFJ113 Philips Semiconductors N-channel junction FETs 3. Ordering information Table 2: Ordering information Type number Package Name Description Version PMBFJ111 - plastic surface mounted package; 3 leads SOT23 PMBFJ112 PMBFJ113 4. Marking Table 3: Marking [1] Type number Marking code PMBFJ111 41* PMBFJ112 42* PMBF

1.4. ssm3j113tu.pdf Size:133K _toshiba

SSM3J113TU TOSHIBA Field Effect Transistor Silicon P-Channel MOS Type SSM3J113TU High Speed Switching Applications 2.0V drive Unit: mm Low on-resistance: Ron = 449m? (max) (@VGS = -2.0 V) 2.10.1 Ron = 249m? (max) (@VGS = -2.5 V) 1.70.1 Ron = 169m? (max) (@VGS = -4.0 V) Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25C) 1 Characteristic Symbol Rating Unit 3 2 Drain-Source voltage VDS -20 V Gate-Source voltage VGSS 12 V DC ID -1.7 Drain current A Pulse IDP -3.4 PD (Note 1) 800 Drain power dissipation mW PD (Note 2) 500 Channel temperature Tch 150 C Storage temperature range Tstg -55~150 C 1: Gate Note: Using continuously under heavy loads (e.g. the application of 2: Source high temperature/current/voltage and the significant change in 3: Drain temperature, etc.) may cause this product to decrease in the UFM reliability significantly even if the operating conditions (i.e. operating temperature/current/voltage, etc.) are within the a

1.5. j111_j112_j113_mmbfj111_mmbfj112_mmbfj113.pdf Size:488K _fairchild_semi

J111 MMBFJ111 J112 MMBFJ112 J113 MMBFJ113 G S G TO-92 S SOT-23 D D Mark: 6P / 6R / 6S NOTE: Source & Drain are interchangeable N-Channel Switch This device is designed for low level analog switching, sample and hold circuits and chopper stabilized amplifiers. Sourced from Process 51. Absolute Maximum Ratings* TA = 25C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter Value Units VDG Drain-Gate Voltage 35 V VGS Gate-Source Voltage - 35 V 5 IGF Forward Gate Current 50 mA Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range -55 to +150 C TJ ,Tstg *These ratings are limiting values above which the serviceability of any semiconductor device may be impaired. NOTES: 1) These ratings are based on a maximum junction temperature of 150 degrees C. 2) These are steady state limits. The factory should be consulted on applications involving pulsed or low duty cycle operations. Thermal Characteristics TA = 25C unless otherwise noted Symbol Characteristic Max Units J111-113 *MMBFJ1

1.6. j111_j112_j113_sst111_sst112_sst113.pdf Size:52K _vishay

J/SST111 Series Vishay Siliconix N-Channel JFETs J111 SST111 J112 SST112 J113 SST113 PRODUCT SUMMARY Part Number VGS(off) (V) rDS(on) Max (W) ID(off) Typ (pA) tON Typ (ns) J/SST111 3 to 10 30 5 4 J/SST112 1 to 5 50 5 4 J/SST113 v3 100 5 4 FEATURES BENEFITS APPLICATIONS D Low On-Resistance: 111 < 30 W D Low Error Voltage D Analog Switches D Fast SwitchingtON: 4 ns D High-Speed Analog Circuit Performance D Choppers D Low Leakage: 5 pA D Negligible Off-Error, Excellent Accuracy D Sample-and-Hold D Low Capacitance: 3 pF D Good Frequency Response, Low Glitches D Normally On Switches D Low Insertion Loss D Eliminates Additional Buffering D Current Limiters DESCRIPTION The J/SST111 series consists of all-purpose analog switches For similar products in TO-206AA(TO-18) packaging, see the designed to support a wide range of applications. The 2N/PN/SST4391 series, 2N4856A/4857A/4858A, and J/SST113 are useful in a high-gain amplifier mode. 2N5564/5565/5566 (duals) dat

1.7. 2sj113.pdf Size:43K _hitachi


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