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IRFP260 All MOSFET Data Sheet. Parameters and Characteristics. MOSFET Cross Reference Database.

IRFP260 MOSFET transistor datasheet. Parameters and characteristics.

Type Designator: IRFP260

Type of IRFP260 transistor: MOSFET

Type of control channel: N -Channel

Maximum power dissipation (Pd), W: 280

Maximum drain-source voltage |Uds|, V: 200

Maximum gate-source voltage |Ugs|, V: 10

Maximum drain current |Id|, A: 46

Maximum junction temperature (Tj), °C: 150

Rise Time of IRFP260 transistor (tr), nS:

Drain-source Capacitance (Cd), pF:

Maximum drain-source on-state resistance (Rds), Ohm: 0.055

Package: TO3P

Equivalent transistors for IRFP260

IRFP260 PDF doc:

1.1. irfp260n.pdf Size:122K _international_rectifier

PD - 94004A IRFP260N HEXFET® Power MOSFET Advanced Process Technology D VDSS = 200V Dynamic dv/dt Rating 175°C Operating Temperature Fast Switching RDS(on) = 0.04? G Fully Avalanche Rated Ease of Paralleling ID = 50A S Simple Drive Requirements Description Fifth Generation HEXFETs from International Rectifier utilize advanced processing techniques to achieve extremely low on-resistance per silicon area. This benefit, combined with the fast switching speed and ruggedized device design that HEXFET Power MOSFETs are well known for, provides the designer with an extremely efficient and reliable device for use in a wide variety of applications. The TO-247 package is preferred for commercial-industrial applications where higher power levels preclude the use of TO-220 devices. The TO-247 is similar but superior to the earlier TO-218 package because of its isolated mounting hole. TO-247AC Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Max. Units ID @ TC = 25°C Continuous

1.2. irfp260pbf.pdf Size:1340K _international_rectifier

PD- 95915 IRFP260PbF • Lead-Free 9/27/04 Document Number: 91215 1 IRFP260PbF Document Number: 91215 2 IRFP260PbF Document Number: 91215 3 IRFP260PbF Document Number: 91215 4 IRFP260PbF Document Number: 91215 5 IRFP260PbF Document Number: 91215 6 IRFP260PbF Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt Test Circuit + Circuit Layout Considerations • Low Stray Inductance • Ground Plane • Low Leakage Inductance Current Transformer - + - + - • dv/dt controlled by RG + • ISD controlled by Duty Factor "D" - • D.U.T. - Device Under Test * Reverse Polarity for P-Channel ** Use P-Channel Driver for P-Channel Measurements Driver Gate Drive P.W. Period D = Period P.W. VGS=10V D.U.T. ISD Waveform Reverse Recovery Body Diode Forward Current Current di/dt D.U.T. VDS Waveform Diode Recovery dv/dt VDD Re-Applied Voltage Body Diode Forward Drop Inductor Curent ISD Ri

1.3. irfp260.pdf Size:168K _international_rectifier


1.4. irfp260_sihfp260.pdf Size:1762K _vishay

IRFP260, SiHFP260 Vishay Siliconix Power MOSFET FEATURES PRODUCT SUMMARY • Dynamic dV/dt Rating VDS (V) 200 Available • Repetitive Avalanche Rated RDS(on) (?)VGS = 10 V 0.055 RoHS* • Isolated Central Mounting Hole Qg (Max.) (nC) 230 COMPLIANT • Fast Switching Qgs (nC) 42 • Ease of Paralleling Qgd (nC) 110 • Simple Drive Requirements Configuration Single • Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC D TO-247AC DESCRIPTION Third generation Power MOSFETs from Vishay provide the designer with the best combination of fast switching, ruggedized device design, low on-resistance and G cost-effectiveness. The TO-247AC package is preferred for S D commercial-industrial applications where higher power G S levels preclude the use of TO-220AB devices. The TO-247AC is similar but superior to the earlier TO-218 N-Channel MOSFET package because of its isolated mouting hole. It also provides greater creepage distance between pins to meet the requirements of most safe

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