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IRGB6B60K IGBT. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Type Designator: IRGB6B60K

Type of IGBT Channel: N-Channel

Maximum Power Dissipation (Pc), W: 90

Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|, V: 600

Collector-Emitter saturation Voltage |Vcesat|, V: 1.8

Maximum Collector Current |Ic|, A: 13

Package: TO220AB

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IRGB6B60K Datasheet (PDF)

0.1. irgb6b60kd.pdf Size:311K _international_rectifier


PD - 94381EIRGB6B60KDIRGS6B60KDINSULATED GATE BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR WITHIRGSL6B60KDULTRAFAST SOFT RECOVERY DIODECVCES = 600VFeatures Low VCE (on) Non Punch Through IGBT Technology. Low Diode VF.IC = 7.0A, TC=100C 10s Short Circuit Capability. Square RBSOA.G Ultrasoft Diode Reverse Recovery Characteristics.tsc > 10s, TJ=150C Positive VCE (

0.2. irgb6b60k.pdf Size:249K _international_rectifier


PD - 94575AIRGB6B60KIRGS6B60KINSULATED GATE BIPOLAR TRANSISTORIRGSL6B60KCVCES = 600VFeatures Low VCE (on) Non Punch Through IGBT Technology. 10s Short Circuit Capability.IC = 7.0A, TC=100C Square RBSOA. Positive VCE (on) Temperature Coefficient.Gtsc > 10s, TJ=150CEVCE(on) typ. = 1.8Vn-channelBenefits Benchmark Efficiency for Motor Con


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