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2N6659-SM MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

   Type Designator: 2N6659-SM
   Type of Transistor: JFET
   Type of Control Channel: N -Channel
   Maximum Power Dissipation (Pd): 6.25 W
   Maximum Drain-Source Voltage |Vds|: 60 V
   Maximum Drain Current |Id|: 1.1 A
   Maximum Junction Temperature (Tj): 150 °C
   Maximum Drain-Source On-State Resistance (Rds): 5 Ohm
   Package: TO220SM

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2N6659-SM Datasheet (PDF)

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2N6659-SM 2N6659-SM

2N6659, 2N6659-2www.vishay.comVishay SiliconixN-Channel 35 V (D-S) MOSFETFEATURESPRODUCT SUMMARY Military QualifiedVDS (V) 35 Low On-Resistence: 1.3 RDS(on) () at VGS = 10 V 1.8 Low Threshold: 1.7 VConfiguration Single Low Input Capacitance: 35 pF Fast Switching Speed: 8 ns Low Input and Output LeakageTO-205ADBENEFITS(TO-39) Guarant

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2N6659-SM 2N6659-SM

N-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE MOSFET 2N6659X Switching Regulators Converters Motor Drives ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC = 25C unless otherwise stated) VDS Drain Source Voltage 35V VGS Gate Source Voltage 20V ID TC = 25C Drain Current 1.4A ID TC = 100C Drain Current 1.0A IDM1 Pulsed Drain Current 3A PD TC = 25C Power Dissipation 6.25W

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2N6659-SM 2N6659-SM

2N6659MECHANICAL DATADimensions in mm (inches)NCHANNEL8.89 (0.35)ENHANCEMENT MODE9.40 (0.37)7.75 (0.305)8.51 (0.335)MOS TRANSISTOR4.19 (0.165)4.95 (0.195)0.89max.FEATURES(0.035)12.70(0.500)7.75 (0.305)min.8.51 (0.335) Switching Regulatorsdia. Converters5.08 (0.200)typ. Motor Drivers2.542(0.100)1 30.66 (0.026)1.14 (0.045

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