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2N5458 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Type Designator: 2N5458

Type of Transistor: JFET

Type of Control Channel: N -Channel

Maximum Power Dissipation (Pd): 0.625 W

Maximum Drain-Source Voltage |Vds|: 25 V

Maximum Gate-Source Voltage |Vgs|: 3.5 V

Maximum Drain Current |Id|: 0.009 A

Maximum Junction Temperature (Tj): 150 °C

Package: TO-92

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2N5458 Datasheet (PDF)

1.1. 2n5457 2n5458 2n5459 mmbf5457 mmbf5458 mmbf5459.pdf Size:129K _fairchild_semi


2N5457 MMBF5457 2N5458 MMBF5458 2N5459 MMBF5459 G S TO-92 G S SOT-23 NOTE: Source & Drain D D are interchangeable Mark: 6D / 61S / 6L N-Channel General Purpose Amplifier This device is a low level audio amplifier and switching transistors, and can be used for analog switching applications. Sourced from Process 55. Absolute Maximum Ratings* TA = 25C unless otherwise noted Symbo

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2N5457, 2N5458 JFETs - General Purpose N-Channel - Depletion N-Channel Junction Field Effect Transistors, depletion mode (Type A) designed for audio and switching applications. Features 1 DRAIN N-Channel for Higher Gain Drain and Source Interchangeable High AC Input Impedance 3 High DC Input Resistance GATE Low Transfer and Input Capacitance Low Cross-Mo

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