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APT31N80JC3 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Type Designator: APT31N80JC3

Type of Transistor: MOSFET

Type of Control Channel: N -Channel

Maximum Power Dissipation (Pd): 833 W

Maximum Drain-Source Voltage |Vds|: 800 V

Maximum Gate-Source Voltage |Vgs|: 20 V

Maximum Gate-Threshold Voltage |Vgs(th)|: 3.9 V

Maximum Drain Current |Id|: 31 A

Maximum Junction Temperature (Tj): 150 °C

Rise Time (tr): 15 nS

Drain-Source Capacitance (Cd): 2050 pF

Maximum Drain-Source On-State Resistance (Rds): 0.145 Ohm

Package: SOT227

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APT31N80JC3 Datasheet (PDF)

1.1. apt31n80jc3.pdf Size:173K _apt


APT31N80JC3 Ω 800V 31A 0.145Ω Ω Ω Ω Super Junction MOSFET COOLMOS Power Semiconductors • Ultra low RDS(ON) "UL Recognized" • Low Miller Capacitance ISOTOP® • Ultra Low Gate Charge, Qg D • Avalanche Energy Rated G • N-Channel Enhancement Mode • Popular SOT-227 Package S MAXIMUM RATINGS All Ratings: TC = 25°C unless otherwise specified. Symbol Paramete

4.1. apt31n60bcsg apt31n60scsg.pdf Size:265K _update_mosfet


FINAL DATA SHEET 600V 31A 0.100Ω APT31N60BCS APT31N60SCS APT31N60BCSG* APT31N60SCSG* *G Denotes RoHS Compliant, Pb Free Terminal Finish. Super Junction MOSFET (B) COOLMOS Power Semiconductors D3PAK • Ultra Low RDS(ON) (S) • Low Miller Capacitance • Ultra Low Gate Charge, Qg D • Avalanche Energy Rated • Extreme dv/dt Rated G • Popular TO-247 or Surface M

 5.1. apt31m100b2 apt31m100l.pdf Size:194K _update_mosfet


 APT31M100B2 APT31M100L 1000V, 32A, 0.38Ω Max N-Channel MOSFET T-Ma xTM TO-264 Power MOS 8™ is a high speed, high voltage N-channel switch-mode power MOSFET. A proprietary planar stripe design yields excellent reliability and manufacturability. Low switching loss is achieved with low input capacitance and ultra low Crss "Miller" capaci- tance. The intrinsic gate resistance and

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