Справочник IGBT. MG1215H-XBN2MM


MG1215H-XBN2MM - IGBT справочник. Даташиты. Аналоги. Параметры и характеристики.

Наименование: MG1215H-XBN2MM

Тип управляющего канала: N-Channel

Максимальная рассеиваемая мощность (Pc): 105

Предельно-допустимое напряжение коллектор-эмиттер (Uce): 1200

Напряжение насыщения коллектор-эмиттер (Ucesat): 1.7

Максимально допустимое напряжение эмиттер-затвор (Ueg): 20

Максимальный постоянный ток коллектора (Ic): 25

Максимальная температура перехода (Tj): 125

Время нарастания: 30

Аналог (замена) для MG1215H-XBN2MM



MG1215H-XBN2MM Datasheet (PDF)

1.1. mg1215h-xbn2mm.pdf Size:1806K _igbt


Power Module 1200V 15A IGBT Module RoHS MG1215H-XBN2MM Features • High level of • Free wheeling diodes integration—only one with fast and soft reverse power semiconductor recovery module required for the • Industry standard package whole drive with insulated copper • Low saturation voltage base plateand soldering and positive temperature pins for PCB mounting coeff

4.1. mg12150s-bn2mm.pdf Size:1343K _igbt


Power Module 1200V 150A IGBT Module RoHS MG12150S-BN2MM ® Features • High short circuit • Fast switching and short capability, self limiting tail current short circuit current • Free wheeling diodes • IGBT3 CHIP(Trench+Field with fast and soft reverse Stop technology) recovery • VCE(sat) with positive • Low switching losses temperature coefficient Applications Ag

4.2. mg12150w-xn2mm.pdf Size:1452K _igbt


Power Module 1200V 150A IGBT Module RoHS MG12150W-XN2MM Features • High level of integration • Free wheeling diodes with fast and soft reverse • IGBT3 CHIP(Trench+Field recovery Stop technology) • Solderable pins for PCB • Low saturation voltage mounting and positive temperature coefficient • Temperature sense included • Fast switching and short tail curr

 4.3. mg12150d-ba1mm.pdf Size:547K _igbt


Power Module 1200V 150A IGBT Module RoHS MG12150D-BA1MM ® Features • Ultra low loss • Positive temperature coeficient • High ruggedness • With fast free-wheeling • High short circuit diodes capability Applications • Inverter • SMPS and UPS • Converter • Induction heating • Welder Agency Approvals AGENCY AGENCY FILE NUMBER E71639 Module Characteristics

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