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Наименование прибора: 28N10

Тип транзистора: MOSFET

Полярность: N

Максимальная рассеиваемая мощность (Pd): 85 W

Предельно допустимое напряжение сток-исток |Uds|: 100 V

Предельно допустимое напряжение затвор-исток |Ugs|: 20 V

Максимально допустимый постоянный ток стока |Id|: 28 A

Максимальная температура канала (Tj): 175 °C

Время нарастания (tr): 7 ns

Выходная емкость (Cd): 300 pf

Сопротивление сток-исток открытого транзистора (Rds): 0.028 Ohm

Тип корпуса: TO252

Аналог (замена) для 28N10



28N10 Datasheet (PDF)

0.1. np28n10sde.pdf Size:248K _renesas


Preliminary Data Sheet R07DS0507EJ0100NP28N10SDE Rev.1.00Sep 16, 2011MOS FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR Description The NP28N10SDE is N-channel MOS Field Effect Transistor designed for high current switching applications. Features Low on-state resistance RDS(on)1 = 52 m MAX. (VGS = 10 V, ID = 14 A) RDS(on)2 = 59 m MAX. (VGS = 4.5 V, ID = 14 A) Low Ciss: Ciss = 2200

0.2. mtb028n10qncq8.pdf Size:478K _cystek


Spec. No. : C168Q8 Issued Date : 2016.11.18 CYStech Electronics Corp. Revised Date : 2016.11.22 Page No. : 1/9 N-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET MTB028N10QNCQ8 BVDSS 100VID @ TA=25C, VGS=10V 6.6A RDS(ON)@VGS=10V, ID=4A 19.3 m(typ)Features RDS(ON)@VGS=4.5V, ID=3A 27.0m(typ) Single Drive Requirement Low On-resistance Fast Switching Characterist

 0.3. 28n10.pdf Size:1747K _goford


GOFORD28N10Description The 28N10 uses advanced trench technology and design to provide excellent RDS(ON) with low gate charge. It can be used in a wide variety of applications. General Features Schematic diagram VDSS RDS(ON) ID @10V (typ) 28A100V 24m Special process technology for high ESD capability High density cell design for ultra low Rdson Fully

0.4. wvm28n10.pdf Size:23K _shaanxi


Shaanxi Qunli Electric Co., Ltd Add.:No. 1 Qunli Road,Baoji City,Shaanxi,China WVM28N10(IRF140)Power MOSFET(N-channel) TransistorFeatures: 1. Its voltage control component with good input impedance, small starting power dissipation, wide area of safe operation, good temperature stability. 2. Implementation of standards: QZJ840611 3. Use for high speed switch, circuit of power s

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