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IRG7R313U IGBT. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Type Designator: IRG7R313U

Type of IGBT Channel: N-Channel

Maximum Power Dissipation (Pc), W: 78

Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|, V: 330

Collector-Emitter saturation Voltage |Vcesat|, V: 1.35

Maximum Collector Current |Ic|, A: 40

Package: D-PAK

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IRG7R313U Datasheet (PDF)

..1. irg7r313u.pdf Size:237K _international_rectifier


PD - 97484IRG7R313UPbFPDP TRENCH IGBTKey ParametersFeaturesVCE min 330 Vl Advanced Trench IGBT Technologyl Optimized for Sustain and Energy RecoveryVCE(ON) typ. @ IC = 20A 1.35 Vcircuits in PDP applicationsIRP max @ TC= 25C 160 Al Low VCE(on) and Energy per Pulse (EPULSETM)TJ max 150 Cfor improved panel efficiencyl High repetitive peak current capabilityl Lead

9.1. irg7rc07sd.pdf Size:300K _international_rectifier


PD - 96425IRG7RC07SDPbFOptimized for line frequency, 50/60Hz switching frequencyFeaturesC Standard speed IGBT for switchingfrequency less than 1KHzVCES = 600V Very low VCE (ON) Ultra fast soft recovery diodeIC = 8.5A, TC = 100CGVCE(on) typ. =1.2V@IC = 3ABenefitsE High efficiency for line frequency applicationsn-channel Higher reliability from r

9.2. irg7rc10fd.pdf Size:342K _international_rectifier


PD - 97759IRG7RC10FDPbFINSULATED GATE BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR WITHCVCES = 600VULTRAFAST SOFT RECOVERY DIODEIC = 9.0A, TC = 100CFeatures Low VCE(on)tsc > 3s, Tjmax = 150CG Zero VCE(on) temperature coefficient 3s Short Circuit CapabilityVCE(on) typ. = 1.6VE Ultra Fast Soft Recovery Co-pak Diode@ IC = 5A Square RBSOAn-channelBenefits Ben

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