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IFS100B12N3E4_B39 IGBT. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Type Designator: IFS100B12N3E4_B39

Type of IGBT Channel: N-Channel

Maximum Power Dissipation (Pc), W: 515

Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|, V: 1200

Collector-Emitter saturation Voltage |Vcesat|, V: 1.75

Maximum Gate-Emitter Voltage |Veg|, V: 20

Maximum Collector Current |Ic|, A: 100

Maximum Junction Temperature (Tj), °C: 150

Rise Time, nS: 25

Package: MODULE

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IFS100B12N3E4_B39 Datasheet (PDF)

1.1. ifs100b12n3e4 b39.pdf Size:662K _igbt_a


Technische Information / Technical Information IGBT-Module IFS100B12N3E4_B39 IGBT-modules MIPAQ™base Modul mit Trench/Feldstopp IGBT4, größerer Emitter Controlled 4 Diode und Strommesswiderstand MIPAQ™base module with Trench/Fieldstop IGBT4, enlarged Emitter Controlled 4 diode and current sense shunt Vorläufige Daten / Preliminary Data ϑ V = 1200V CES I = 100A / I = 200A C

1.2. ifs100b12n3e4 b31.pdf Size:893K _igbt_a


テクニカルインフォメーション / Technical Information IGBT-モジュール IFS100B12N3E4_B31 IGBT-modules MIPAQ™base モジュール トレンチ/フィールドストップ IGBT4 and エミッターコントロールHE diode内蔵 and 電流センス用シャント抵抗 MIPAQ™base module with Trench/Fieldstop IGBT4 and Emitter Controlled HE diode and current sense shun

4.1. ifs100v12pt4.pdf Size:617K _igbt_a


Technical Information MIPAQ™ serve IFS100V12PT4 preliminary data Key data Power module using IGBT4 technology in sixpack configuration. Isolated IGBT driver, protection and temperature sensor included. Topology B6I Rated semiconductor data 1200V, 100A Load type Inductive, resistive Industrial drives, UPS, solar Typical applications inverters, auxiliary inverters tem

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