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SL40T65FL1 IGBT. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

   Type Designator: SL40T65FL1
   Type: IGBT + Anti-Parallel Diode
   Type of IGBT Channel: N
   Maximum Power Dissipation (Pc), W: 375
   Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|, V: 650
   Maximum Gate-Emitter Voltage |Vge|, V: 30
   Maximum Collector Current |Ic| @25℃, A: 80
   Collector-Emitter saturation Voltage |VCE(sat)|, typ, V: 1.95
   Maximum G-E Threshold Voltag |VGE(th)|, V: 6.8
   Maximum Junction Temperature (Tj), ℃: 175
   Rise Time (tr), typ, nS: 54
   Collector Capacity (Cc), typ, pF: 131
   Total Gate Charge (Qg), typ, nC: 219
   Package: TO247

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SL40T65FL1 Datasheet (PDF)

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SL40T65FL1 SL40T65FL1

SL40T65FL1Features High Speed Switching &Low Power Loss V =1.95V@ I =40ACE(sat) C Eoff=0.35mJ@Tc=25 High Input Impedance Trr=80ns(Typ)@diF/dt=1000A/us Maximum junction temperatureT =175CvjmaxApplications UPS PFC Welder IH Cooker PV InverterAbsolute Ratings(Tc=25)Parameter Symbol Value UnitCollector-Emmiter Voltage

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SL40T65FL1 SL40T65FL1

SL40T65FL650V 40A IGBTFeatures High Speed Switching & Low Power Loss VCE(sat) = 1.95V @ IC = 40A E = 0.35mJ @ T = 25C off C High Input Impedance t = 80ns (typ.) @di /dt = 1000A/ s rr F Maximum junction temperature 175C Applications PFC Welder UPS IH Cooker PV Inverter TO-247Maximum Rating Parameter Symbol Rating

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