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STP65NF06 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Type Designator: STP65NF06

Type of Transistor: MOSFET

Type of Control Channel: N -Channel

Maximum Power Dissipation (Pd): 110 W

Maximum Drain-Source Voltage |Vds|: 60 V

Maximum Gate-Source Voltage |Vgs|: 20 V

Maximum Gate-Threshold Voltage |Vgs(th)|: 4 V

Maximum Drain Current |Id|: 60 A

Maximum Junction Temperature (Tj): 175 °C

Total Gate Charge (Qg): 54 nC

Maximum Drain-Source On-State Resistance (Rds): 0.014 Ohm

Package: TO220

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STP65NF06 Datasheet (PDF)

1.1. std65nf06 stp65nf06.pdf Size:338K _st


STD65NF06 STP65NF06 N-channel 60V - 11.5m? - 60A - DPAK/TO-220 STripFET II Power MOSFET General features Type VDSS RDS(on) ID STD65NF06 60V <14m? 60A STP65NF06 60V <14m? 60A 3 3 Standard level gate drive 2 1 1 100% avalanche tested TO-220 DPAK Description This Power MOSFET is the latest development of STMicroelectronics unique single feature size strip-based process.

1.2. stp65nf06.pdf Size:205K _inchange_semiconductor


INCHANGE Semiconductor isc N-Channel MOSFET Transistor STP65NF06 ·FEATURES ·With TO-220 packaging ·High speed switching ·Standard level gate drive ·Easy to use ·100% avalanche tested ·Minimum Lot-to-Lot variations for robust device performance and reliable operation ·APPLICATIONS ·Power supply ·Switching applications ·ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(T =25℃) a SYMBOL PARAMET

 5.1. stp6506.pdf Size:838K _upd


STP6506 Dual P Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET -2.8A DESCRIPTION The STC6506 is the dual P-Channel enhancement mode power field effect transistor which is produced using high cell density, DMOS trench technology. This high density process is especially tailored to minimize on-state resistance and provide superior switching performance. These devices are particularly suited for low

5.2. stp652f.pdf Size:120K _samhop


Gre r r P Pr Pr Pro STP652F a S mHop Microelectronics C orp. Ver 1.1 N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor FEATURES PRODUCT SUMMARY Super high dense cell design for extremely low RDS(ON). RDS(ON) (mΩ) Typ VDSS ID High power and current handling capability. 60V 29A 22 @ VGS=10V TO-220F package. D G G D S STF SERIES S TO-220F (TC=25°C unless ot

 5.3. stp656f.pdf Size:122K _samhop


Gr P Pr P P STP656F SamHop Microelectronics Corp. Ver 1.0 N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor FEATURES PRODUCT SUMMARY Super high dense cell design for low RDS(ON). VDSS ID RDS(ON) (m ) Max Rugged and reliable. 19 @ VGS=10V TO-220F Package. 60V 22A 29 @ VGS=4.5V D G G D S STF SERIES TO-220F S (TC=25°C unless otherwise noted) ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Sym

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