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CED07N65A MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Type Designator: CED07N65A

Type of Transistor: MOSFET

Type of Control Channel: N -Channel

Maximum Power Dissipation (Pd): 107 W

Maximum Drain-Source Voltage |Vds|: 650 V

Maximum Gate-Source Voltage |Vgs|: 30 V

Maximum Drain Current |Id|: 6 A

Maximum Junction Temperature (Tj): 175 °C

Total Gate Charge (Qg): 28 nC

Rise Time (tr): 58 nS

Drain-Source Capacitance (Cd): 42 pF

Maximum Drain-Source On-State Resistance (Rds): 1.45 Ohm

Package: TO251

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CED07N65A Datasheet (PDF)

0.1. ceu07n65a ced07n65a.pdf Size:401K _cet


CED07N65A/CEU07N65A N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor PRELIMINARY FEATURES 650V, 6A, RDS(ON) = 1.45Ω @VGS = 10V. Super high dense cell design for extremely low RDS(ON). High power and current handing capability. Lead free product is acquired. D TO-251 & TO-252 package. D G G S CEU SERIES CED SERIES TO-252(D-PAK) TO-251(I-PAK) S ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Tc =

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