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3N209 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Type Designator: 3N209

Type of Transistor: MOSFET

Type of Control Channel: N -Channel

Maximum Power Dissipation (Pd): 0.3 W

Maximum Drain-Source Voltage |Vds|: 25 V

Maximum Gate-Source Voltage |Vgs|: 30 V

Minimum Gate-to-Source Cutoff Voltage |Vgs(off)|: 0.1 V

Maximum Drain Current |Id|: 0.03 A

Maximum Junction Temperature (Tj): 175 °C

Drain-Source Capacitance (Cd): 2 pF

Maximum Drain-Source On-State Resistance (Rds): 100 Ohm

Package: TO72

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3N209 Datasheet (PDF)

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3N209-3N210DUAL GATE MOSFET VHF AMPLIFIERHigh-reliability discrete productsand engineering services since 1977FEATURES Available as HR (high reliability) screened per MIL-PRF-19500, JANTX level. Add HR suffix to base part number. Available as non-RoHS (Sn/Pb plating), standard, and as RoHS by adding -PBF suffix.MAXIMUM RATINGSRating Symbol Value UnitDra

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