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Type Designator: CE1A3Q

Material of Transistor: Si

Polarity: Pre-Biased-NPN

Built in Bias Resistor R1 = 1 kOhm

Built in Bias Resistor R2 = 10 kOhm

Typical Resistor Ratio R1/R2 = 0.1

Maximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 1 W

Maximum Collector-Base Voltage |Vcb|: 60 V

Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage |Vce|: 60 V

Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage |Veb|: 15 V

Maximum Collector Current |Ic max|: 2 A

Max. Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): 150 °C

Forward Current Transfer Ratio (hFE), MIN: 500

Noise Figure, dB: -

Package: TO220AB

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CE1A3Q Datasheet (PDF)

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DATA SHEET COMPOUND TRANSISTOR CE1A3Q on-chip resistor NPN silicon epitaxial transistor For mid-speed switching The CE1A3Q is a transistor of on-chip high hFE resistor incorporating dumper diode in collector to emitter and zener diode PACKAGE DRAWING (UNIT: mm) in collector to base as protect elements. This transistor is ideal for actuator drives of OA equipments and electric equipments

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