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BCX53-16-AU . Datasheet. Equivalente. Reemplazo. Hoja de especificaciones. Principales características

Número de Parte: BCX53-16-AU

Código: 911D

Material: Si

Polaridad de transistor: PNP


Disipación total del dispositivo (Pc): 1.4 W

Tensión colector-base (Vcb): 120 V

Tensión colector-emisor (Vce): 100 V

Tensión emisor-base (Veb): 6 V

Corriente del colector DC máxima (Ic): 1 A

Temperatura operativa máxima (Tj): 150 °C


Transición de frecuencia (ft): 100 MHz

Capacitancia de salida (Cc): 10(max) pF

Ganancia de corriente contínua (hfe): 100

Paquete / Cubierta: SOT89

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BCX53-16-AU Datasheet (PDF)

 ..1. Size:342K  panjit

BCX53-16-AU BCX53-16-AU

PBCX53-16-AU PNP Low Vce(sat) Transistor SOT-89 Unit: inch(mm) Voltage -100V -1A Current Features Silicon PNP epitaxial type Low Vce(sat) -0.4V(max)@Ic/Ib= -500mA / -50mA High collector current capability Excellent DC current gain characteristics AEC-Q101 qualified Lead free in compliance with EU RoHS 2.0 Green molding compound as per IEC 61

 6.1. Size:1259K  nxp
bcp53 bcp53-10 bcp53-16 bcx53 bcx53-10 bcx53-16 bc53pa bc53-10pa bc53-16pa.pdf

BCX53-16-AU BCX53-16-AU

Important notice Dear Customer, On 7 February 2017 the former NXP Standard Product business became a new company with the tradename Nexperia. Nexperia is an industry leading supplier of Discrete, Logic and PowerMOS semiconductors with its focus on the automotive, industrial, computing, consumer and wearable application markets In data sheets and application notes which still contain

 6.2. Size:520K  infineon
bcx51 bcx51-16 bcx52 bcx52-16 bcx53 bcx53-10 bcx53-16.pdf

BCX53-16-AU BCX53-16-AU

BCX51...-BCX53...PNP Silicon AF Transistors1 For AF driver and output stages2 High collector current 32 Low collector-emitter saturation voltage Complementary types: BCX54...BCX56 (NPN) Pb-free (RoHS compliant) package Qualified according AEC Q101Type Marking Pin Configuration PackageBCX51 AA 1=B 2=C 3=E SOT89 BCX51-16 AD 1=B 2=C 3=E SOT89 BCX52 AE

 6.3. Size:874K  mcc
bcx53 bcx53-10 bcx53-16.pdf

BCX53-16-AU BCX53-16-AU

BCX53,BCX53-10,BCX53-16Electrical Characteristics @ 25C Unless Otherwise SpecifiedParameter Symbol Min Typ Max Units ConditionsV(BR)CBO -100IC=-100A, IE=0Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage VV(BR)CEO -80IC=-10mA, IB=0Collector-Emitter Breakdown Voltage(Note4) VV(BR)EBO -5IE=-100A, IC=0Emitter-Base Breakdown Voltage VICBO VCB=-30V, IE=0Collector Cutoff Current A

 6.4. Size:549K  slkor
bcx51 bcx51-10 bcx51-16 bcx52 bcx52-10 bcx52-16 bcx53 bcx53-10 bcx53-16.pdf

BCX53-16-AU BCX53-16-AU

BCX51/BCX52/BCX53PNP Medium power transistors FEATURES For AF driver and output stages. Pb High collector current. Lead-free Low collector-emitter saturation voltage. Complementary types: BCX54/BCX55/BCX56. APPLICATIONS Medium power general purposes. Driver stages of audio amplifiers. SOT-89 ORDERING INFORMATION Type No. Marking Package Code BCX51 AA SOT

 6.6. Size:16165K  cn twgmc
bcx51 bcx52 bcx53 bcx51-10 bcx52-10 bcx53-10 bcx51-16 bcx52-16 bcx53-16.pdf

BCX53-16-AU BCX53-16-AU

BCX51 THRU BCX53BCX51 THRU BCX53BCX51 THRU BCX53BCX51 THRU BCX53BCX51 THRU BCX53 TRANSISTOR(PNP)FEATURESSOT-89 NPN Complements to BCX54,BCX55,BCX56 Low Voltage High Current1. BASE 2. COLLECTOR APPLICATIONS 3. EMITTER Medium Power General Purposes Driver Stages of Audio Amplifiers MARKING:BCX51:AA, BCX51-10:AC, BCX51-16:AD BCX52:AE, BCX52-10:AG, BCX52-16:AM

 6.7. Size:862K  cn hottech
bcx51 bcx51-10 bcx51-16 bcx52 bcx52-10bcx52-16 bcx53 bcx53-10 bcx53-16.pdf

BCX53-16-AU BCX53-16-AU

BCX51/BCX52/BCX53BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR (PNP)FEATURES Complementary to BCX54/BCX55/BCX/56 High current and Low Voltage For Medium Power General Purpose For Drive Stages of Audio Amplifiers Surface Mount deviceSOT-89MECHANICAL DATA Case: SOT-89 Case Material: Molded Plastic. UL flammability Classification Rating: 94V-0 Weight: 0.055 grams (approxi

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